1. How soon can I walk on it?
Do your best to keep pets, children and regular traffic off of the carpet for a period of 2 to 6 hours. Otherwise, you can walk on the carpet with clean shoes or bare feet. We don’t recommend socks, because they will get wet and you will leave footprints on your hard surfaces.

2. Do you move the furniture?
Yes. Please mention which rooms need furniture moved at the time of the pricing estimate. We do not move pianos, beds or very heavy furnishings.

3. Can you clean carpet or rugs over hardwood floors?
Yes, the system we use does not saturate the carpeting; therefore it won’t harm the floors underneath. We do offer a pick-up and delivery service for clients that prefer to have their rugs cleaned in our shop.

4. Do you clean...

Absolutely! Berber is a weave, not a particular type of fiber. Berber is simply a type of loop construction that may come in olefin, nylon, wool or a blend. Berber requires a more thorough cleaning than other carpets because the loops. We take our time to remove all the cleaning agents and moisture so "wicking" back to the surface does not occur.

Sisal, Sea grass, Grass
Yes, depending on construction and type of soiling.

Yes, we have special products that we use for wool. We use lower pressure, lower temperature and take special drying precautions for cleaning wool.

5. What about specialty fabrics, such as:

Haitian Cotton
Yes, we have special Haitian cotton cleaner, or we can dry-clean it. (case by case)

Silk, Rayon, Chintz
Yes, we clean that too!

If your question was not addressed above, please feel free to give us a call.